Dating back to April 4, Coach Erik Spoelstra has coached the Heat to an abysmal 16-26 record. The point differential for the Heat in that span is -3.9 when LeBron James was still with the team … and afterward? A pathetic -5.8 which is common for most lottery teams falling between a 4 through 8 pick.

The Miami Heat has shown to be better than this. Dwyane Wade has been absolutely spectacular. Chris Bosh was rated as the 8th best player in the NBA, but has played more like 38th best. Granger and Whiteside have been excellent. Luol Deng has been inconsistent.

The problems fall in two areas: coaching and point guard. Norris Cole is probably the worst player in the NBA and Spoelstra has looked clueless with his rotations.

Injuries have played a part, but from one night to the next Whiteside, Ennis, Napier, Hamilton, Granger, UD, Williams, and company don’t know if they will be part of the rotation.

As it stands, if the draft were today the Heat are one slot away from a protected lottery draft pick. They sit with the 11th worst record in the NBA.

At this pace, Erik Spoelstra likely will be canned by the end of the season.