It may not be intentional, but speculation is his separation from the Heat may have been temporary. He bailed on the Heat like a girl who uses a nice guy to go have a fling (2 yr deal) with a presumably hot guy (Kyrie and the Cavaliers), get knocked up (LeBron’s injuries), and then bail back to the nice guy (Miami Heat) to be taken care of (Miami’s Maintenance Program) and spoiled (signed to a big deal) when others are critical of his actions.

Then on the other side the critics are going to roast the Cleveland Cavaliers. Reality is nothing has changed. They let go of a slew of talent this season in what looks exactly like a Miami Marlins fire sale. Those other guys: Tyler Zeller, Dion Waiters, Sergey Karasev, Jarrett Jack, Luol Deng, Anthony Bennet, and Andrew Wiggins are elsewhere now. All of them except Waiters are playing much better than the Cavaliers replacements (except Deng).

This is Cleveland talent dump 2.0. Remember LeBron’s first stint? That stint where Carlos Boozer weaseled his way out of a contract when he promised to resign with them. Then there was that seriously stupid trade of Danny Green to San Antonio. J.J. Hickson got his start in Cleveland and has played well for Portland and Denver. There has been some decent signings here and there that unfortunately didn’t pan out.

Cleveland has not changed. LeBron is not happy there and his Miami home was taken off the real estate market. LeBron was overheard telling Wade they’re going to reunite to do bigger things eventually.

Bigger things could be another run at multiple titles. Maybe LeBron needed a break. Michael Jordan took a full season and half a season before going on to win 3 more titles. A person close to LeBron said he won’t waste his prime years and will not hesitate to opt out if it is the right business decision.

Maybe the bigger things is Wade and LeBron teaming up back in Miami as a group to purchase the Miami Marlins? Or maybe the reunite is on the way after this year when Erik Spoelstra’s contract expires and the Heat replaces him with Mark Jackson. Spoelstra has faced a lot of scrutiny for not being able to win in dominating fashion with the talented team he had. If Mike Brown could win 60+ a couple times with one superstar, shouldn’t Spoelstra do it with 3 superstars and one of the best supporting casts ever assembled?

Chances of LeBron opting out and joining another team this coming Summer? More likely than last year.