Basketball is one of those sports where you have to eat your words instead of saying them. Plenty of trash talk has gone around that has left instigators wishing they never opened their mouth. The Golden State Warriors smoked the Houston Rockets 131-106. All this after James Harden said the Warriors are not that good.

Reggie Miller got hassled by Spike Lee for choking then he returned the favor after the heckling got to him.

There was the time when Kevin Durant said Dwyane Wade can’t defend him. Then Durant goes to the NBA Finals and gets swatted by Wade on offense then on defense couldn’t defend Mike Miller. Wade is probably the best defensive SG in NBA History so no need to feel bad about getting blocked by him if you’re Durant, Carlos Boozer, Dwight Howard, or any other big man that didn’t think Wade can soar high enough to challenge a shot. Durant is just the only one silly enough to call him out. What is embarrassing though is allowing the slow often-injured Mike Miller to light you up.

 James Harden should know better. He had front row seats when Kevin Durant was embarrassingly shut down by Dwyane Wade and schooled on offense by Mike Miller.

Harden entered that class of watch what you say. He shot a lousy 4 for 15 and couldn’t stop or help disrupt the offense of Klay Thompson or Steph Curry as they roasted Harden on both ends of the floor.

Harden needs to take a page out of Reggie Miller’s book. Don’t trash talk unless you can back it up against the best teams.