With most of the nation experiencing cold weather, it is nice for a change to see the balance of power changing in the NBA. Currently the Miami Heat, Philadelphia 76ers, and Washington Wizards are on the rise in the standings after recent domination over their opponents have gotten them some much needed wins.

Especially surprising is the rise in the Miami Heat. The Heat have been depleted by injuries throughout the season, but the most important set of injuries came to Josh Richardson, Justice Winslow, and Josh McRoberts.

All three players were playing extremely poorly during the Heat’s losing ways. Richardson was finally turning it around and improving his shooting before going down.


Winslow though endured most of the crushing, because of his poor shooting and terrible performances on both ends of the floor. Much of the winning can be attributed to Winslow’s injury and exit from the starting lineup and Waiters hot return.

The Winslow debate of bust versus still maturing is getting a hot analysis by NBA scouts. Scouts are reporting that Winslow is not the caliber of player good enough to be starting on a good team. Winslow shot a terrible 35.4% from the field, 20% from 3pt FG, and had a poor 8 PER which is well below the league average and among those from his draft class still in the NBA he currently sits as the worse player across the board statistically.

Of the top 20 players in Winslow’s draft class, he has performed the worse of the group and only Stanley Johnson and Willie Cauley-Stein has endured similar struggles.